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With passion and erudition, Nolan Lebovitz explains with great clarity how Jerusalem has always been central to the Jewish people, and why Jerusalem’s abiding role as Israel’s capital is so critical to both Israelis and to Jews around the world.
— Daniel Gordis, author of "Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn"

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“Bravo! Thank you for this compelling, thoughtful, and passionate celebration of the city that has been the heart and soul of the Jewish people, be they left or right, religious or secular, for 3000 years.”
— Professor Gil Troy, author of "The Zionist Ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland - Then, Now, Tomorrow"

“Why should Jerusalem remain under Israeli control? Rabbi and filmmaker Nolan Lebovitz searches, explores, and listens for answers. He concludes that the 4,000-year Jewish connection to the city is only one reason. For the other, watch his short, compelling film.”
— Daniel Pipes, Middle East Forum

Roadmap Jerusalem is very well done and considers important questions about the significance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people and the world. This documentary makes the case, not only for Israel’s historic and biblical right to the land, but also for the greater good of all people of faith.”
— Jim Showers, Executive Director/President of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry